TOP TIPS: Caring for Your Natural Nails this Autumn!

TOP TIPS: Caring for Your Natural Nails this Autumn!

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Getting strong healthy nails is simple when you have the right routine! 

Our nails are made of keratin and they protect our fingers and toes. When your nails are lacking in moisture, they become dry and brittle and are prone to splitting and peeling. Follow these simple steps to get your nails up to its optimal health!  

Strengthen your natural nails!

  • Soft nail file

  • Nail strengthener 

  • Cuticle care

Soft Nail File

A gentle file that is 240/240 grit is perfect to get your natural nail up to the optimal level. Not abrasive to the nail, this file is ideal to shape your natural nail without causing damage to the nails. 

Try the Edge Black Beauty 240/240 grit file


Save when you buy the 10 pack! 

The Edge have the perfect range of nail files, suited to everyone's needs. Whether its for gels, acrylics or natural nails, we have it all! 

Remember! The higher the grit, the softer the nail file! 

Nail Strengthener 

A must have for your nail care regime! Rescuing your brittle nails can be a whole lot easier by using a nail strengthener or hardener. Nail strengtheners help replenish the moisture in brittle nails to recuperate your natural nail. They gradually repair your nails to regain their strength making them healthy and shiny

Say goodbye to weak, thinning nails with Nail Magic Hardener and Conditioner! A miracle in a bottle! One of the leading nail care brands, Nail Magic works wonders to strengthen and rejuvenate your natural nail. Its unique blend of ingredients works to repair your weak and damaged nails by conditioning and then hardening your nail. It stimulates nail growth to get your nails up to its optimal level!



What's more, you can even apply this as a base coat and then apply a nail lacquer over the top with a top coat to strengthen your nails whilst rocking that autumn nail look! 

Explore Orly's Nail Treatments including Tough Cookie, Nail Defense, Nailtrition and Won't Chip! Treatments which provide effective solutions for all you nail needs. Whether you're looking for nail growth, nail strengthener, nail hardener or a chip preventative topcoat, Orly have it all! 

Cuticle Care 

A game changer for healthy cuticles! Moisturise your cuticles daily to keep your nails healthy and hydrated. Just a few drops around the skin of your nail, will replenish the moisture back into your cuticle and stimulate nail growth. Cuticle oils and creams are designed as a moisturiser for the cuticle and nails. It acts as a protective barrier to soften the skin around your nails.

Our skin is prone to dryness, especially in the coming colder months so cuticle oil is the nail essential to keep your cuticles healthy. With a range of vitamins, the application of cuticle oil boosts the circulation around your nails to stimulate nail growth.

Cuticle Cream

Infused with Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter, the Kaeso Manicure Velvet Touch Cuticle Massage Cream conditions and soothes the cuticles. Its gentle formula nourishes deep into the cuticles. Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter provide moisture whilst the Lavender and Geranium relaxes and soothes the cuticle.

Cuticle Oil

Enriched with natural oils, the Kaeso Manicure Juicy Drops is specially formulated to nourish, to moisturise and to re-hydrate even the most damaged cuticles. The natural oils promote healthy cuticle regrowth and to improve the appearance of your nails and cuticles. 



Try these simple steps to get the healthiest nails this Autumn! 


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