Spring Trends: NAILED IT!

Spring Trends: NAILED IT!

Let's spring into action with the latest collections and shades this season from your industry leading nail experts.

We're adding a pop of colour to your every growing polish collection, with new shades from IBD, Gellux, Gelluv, 2am London, Cuccio and Halo. This spring, we're stoked to bring you an array of new collections, colours and offers from your favourite brands. Featuring designer inspired polishes, spring must-have shades and 'cat eye' elements, we're certain there will be something for every one. 

Halo - 'Once Upon A Time' collection 

Gellux - 'Free Spirit' collection

Gelluv - 'Spring Couture' collection

2am London - 'Stay Woke' collection 

Cuccio - Veneer Gel Polish

We'll hand over to you to pick your favourite collection: 

1. Gellux - Free Spirit Collection 


2. Gelluv: Spring Couture Collection

 Spring Collection Gelluv

3. 2AM London: Stay Woke Collection

 2AM London Gel Polish

4. IBD: New Neutrals Collection

 IBD Spring Collection


5. Halo: 'Once Upon A Time' Collection 

Halo Gel Polish

6. Cuccio: Veneer Gel Polish


7. IBD: Permanent Price



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