Power of the Plex!

Image from @olaplex on Instagram

 Image from @olaplex on Instagram!

A REVOLUTION in hairdressing!

Plex products are designed to be used in chemical processes on the hair, from bleaching to colouring they strengthen the hairs fibre and reduce breakage to improve the overall condition of your hair! 



Enables colour changes from really dark to really blonde without destroying the hair structure. 

When you colour your hair, it reinforces the hairs structure and improves its integrity to make the hair much more healthy. It makes your hair feel smoother and more elastic and limits hair breakage whilst strengthening the hair. 

Plex retains the pH of the hair within a certain value, which helps to lock in the colour. 

Developer + Tint + Plex = HEALTHY HAIR 

PLEX - reforms bonds between the hair which strengthens the hair. Reforms the ladder. Add plex to existing treatment which reforms the hair bonds. 



No3 Hair Perfector - Repairs + Protects + Strengthens 

No4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo - Strengthens + Restores + Repairs

No5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner - Hydrates + Repairs + Strengthens

No6 Bond Smoother - Smoothens + Hydrates + Protects


"I use the whole range, my hair feels in the best condition its been in after bleaching! Nice glossy finish" 


"Lisaplex™ is a revolutionary protective treatment, the product of innovative Italian research that, in a single kit, protects both the interior and exterior of the hair structure as well as reconstructing the internal bonds in treated and damaged hair, and hair that has been weakened by aggressive services."


  • Improves the structure of the hair and enhances shine & radiance.

  • Cortex - Lisaplex reconstructs the hair bonds & structures 

  • Can be used with: decolouration, colouring, reconstruction, perms and straightening.

  • Sulphate & Paraben Free!

Bond Saver - Shielding fluid which preserves the hair structures integrity by rebuilding damages keratin structures in the hair.

Hair Structure Filler - creates optimum conditions for your hair reconstructing the natural film forming layer of your hair to nourish and hydrate



The unique OPTI pH system gives optimal penetration when lifting and dyeing the hair perfect for repairing the hair when bleaching and colouring. 

No1 Bond Maker - creates bonds within the hair whilst reducing the hairs damage. To mix in with lighteners / colours

No2 Bond Stablizier - Further strengthens the hair 


"I love using this system, especially with clients who want to go from dark to light colours or on the scalp to stop their hair splitting or getting damaged" Emma Burrell. 


A 3 step professional treatment to maintain the condition of your hair. 

1 - Bond Reinforcer - Step 1 - Reinforcing treatment for hair bonds which protects the hair fibre from damage caused by chemical processes. With structural amino acids, it reinforces bonds whilst strengthening the hairs cortex.

2 - Bond Restorer - Step 2 - Seals the hair cuticle to set the structural amino acids to restore the hairs strength and elasticity. Gives your hair nourishment, vigour, strength and shine. 


The 2 step system provides optimal strength and anti-breakage through all chemical processes. 

Bond Builder - penetrates deep into the hair structure to reconnect hair bonds and restore elasticity. Adds moisture and strengthens meaning less damage, more shine and long lasting colour. 

Bond Sealer - nurturing treatment to seal the hair for smoother, sleeker and vibrant colour results. 

Bond Sustainer - At home care to maintain the strength and colour of your hair.