Saved by Schwarzkopf this Autumn!

Saved by Schwarzkopf this Autumn!

Is your hair feeling dry after months of the sunny weather during lockdown? Do you need a product that is going to restore that moisture and reduce the dryness?

Introducing Schwarzkopf, one of the leading brands in the hair industry renowned for its success in transforming your hair. Its BC Bonacure range offers 6 different lines specific to your hair needs.

With the most advanced hair technologies inspired by skincare technologies, it features moisturising hyaluronic acid, nourishing peptides, colour protect pH 4.5rejuvenating Q10+, volumizing collagen and smoothening keratin. 




  • For damaged, dull, breakage prone hair.

For hair missing that healthy appearance and shine. The advanced technology with the combination of Peptides and Cell Perfector Technology is designed to reverse 3 years of damage by reconstructing and strengthening your hair. Replenishing the inner structure, the range resurfaces the hair cuticle to nourish your hair offering that silky soft finish.  



  • For colour treated, highlighted, porous hair

Designed specifically to look in your hair colour, this pH 4.5 Color Freeze range both seals the surface of coloured hair and freezes colour pigments inside the hair matrix. Its pH 4.5 means the matrix around the cortex microfibriles is strengthened which locks in the hairs colour pigments. In connection with this, the Cell Perfector Technology then seals the hair surface to provide maximum protection for your hair.




  • For fine, coarse or white mature hair.

As we begin to age, our hair often becomes weak and dry, so invest in a product to revive your mature hair. Q10+ Time Restore strengthens, hydrates and protects against thinning hair. Its Nutrifiller Technology instantly erases signs of ageing to stimulate keratin production creating fuller, thicker, softer and shinier hair.




  • For fine, limp hair, in need of body.

For hair in need of a volume boost its weightless formula adds body and shine to your hair. Each individual hair strand is infused with its Collagen Technology to give you the bounce and care to even the limpest of hair. Get fuller looking hair with the Cell Perfector Technology restoring the hairs structure. Its shampoo removes excess oils which weigh down the hair to provide you with added body that your hair needs.




  • For thick, coarse, wavy, curly unmanageable hair.

The magic lies in its Keratin Advanced Technology to take control of unruly hair by nourishing the hair cuticle and penetrate nourishment into the hairs structure. Frizz is controlled from wash to wash to reduce styling time and lower the hairs detangle time by 70% giving you hydrated, smoother, shinier hair.





  • For normal, dry, wavy or curly hair. 

Schwarzkopf BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick’s range is perfect for delivering optimum levels of moisture to the dullest of hair giving you perfectly hydrated hair packed full of moisture. Its Hyaluronic Technology rebalances the hairs moisture levels and the Cell Perfector Technology smooths down the hair surface bringing moisture and shine.  


The Technology ...

The Micellar Technology in the Shampoo helps withdraw the impurities and wash away the dirt. The Hyaluronic Acid is used to rebalance the hairs moisture leaving it soft and nourished. It acts as the hydrating agents to create long lasting moisture for your  hair and scalp. Cell Perfector Technology works magic to replenish hair cells which are damaged to smooth down the surface of the hair creating bounce and shine to each individual strand.


1. Shampoo

Schwarzkopf’s BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Micellar Shampoo’s silicone free formula will gently cleanse the scalp and hair providing extensive moisture to prevent hair dehydration. 



2. Conditioner

Follow with the Schwarzkopf BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Conditioner to condition the hair and balance your hairs natural moisture content. Its sulphate free formula cleanses and conditions whilst maintaining the hairs natural lipids and providing prolonged moisture.


3. Treatment Mask

Use the Schwarzkopf BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Treatment Mask to deeply penetrate the hair follicles quickly and provide intense hydration to the hairs inner structure.

4. Leave-in Conditioner

Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner is a firm favourite with professional hairdressers for moisturising dry damaged hair. Spray onto towel-dried hair and get that added moisture boost all day long to create healthy looking shiny hair


Customer Review!

"LOVE IT! The best leave in conditioner I've tried, its great for added moisture and detangling my hair and leaves my hair super soft and shiny"     

                                                                                                                   Charlotte Saunders August 2020



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