Delve Into: FUDGE

Delve Into: FUDGE

Fan of Fudge or new to the party? 

In this blog, we will cover all things Fudge: Introducing their core care range loved by the industries top stylists. Fudge is a unique brand, with a bold sustainability message. Their sustainability promise by 2025 is to use 25% less plastic, 30% recycled content in plastic packaging along with all jars being packaged in reusable and compostable plastic.

Let's #FUDGETHERULES and delve a little deeper into each of their core range: 

Clean Blonde:

Fudge Clean Blonde

Be gone, Brassiness! To achieve your whitest, brightest blonde whilst erasing damage and unwanted yellow tones in one wash (yes, one wash!) - The clean blonde range will fast become your go-to. 

- Brassy tones instantly erased 

- 90% stronger hair after 1 use

- Opti-PLEX Technology reverse damage

- Noticeably smoother and double the softness

Shop: Clean Blonde Range

Cool Brunette: 

Cool Brunette

Unwanted red and orange tones? Vanished! The Fudge cool brunette range contains max-strength micro-pigments to combat any unwanted red and orange tones, whilst incorporating the Opti-PLEX Technology which penetrates deep into the hairs core.

- Reconstruct bonds after styling/environmental damage

- Instantly erase orange and red tones

- Formulated with blue micro-pigment 

- 85% stronger hair after 1 use 

Shop: Cool Brunette

 Damage Rewind: 

Damage Rewind

Damage control? It's on! Keeping your colour locked and looking radiant for up to 30 washes is just one of the many qualities the 'damage control' duo has. Using the trademark technology 'Hair Guard' will tirelessly work to fill and smooth each strand, restoring your locks to their former glory! 

- 90% stronger hair instantly

- Repairing Opti-PLEX technology

- Dramatically smoother and softer

- Hair Guard protected 

Shop: Damage Rewind



Big hair: We care! If your hair needs that little va-va-voom, look no further than the Xpander duo from Fudge. Let your hair indulge in the Gelee shampoo and conditioner, leaving your hair noticeably airy and volumised for hours on end. The duo is infused with caffeine and ginseng, which helps to simulate the scalp and hair follicle growth whilst providing irresistibly soft results. 

- Increase hair density by 180%

- 85% stronger hair with double the bounce and volume

- Detoxifying formula, with fibre-dense technology

Shop: Xpander



We're here to hydrate and illuminate! Formulated with feather light micellar oil that will gently cleanse, moisturise and illuminate each strand, leaving your locks looking and feeling stronger. This duo also benefits from the unique Opti-Plex technology, ensuring coloured hair is locked in for up to 30 washes. 

- 48 Hour Weightless Hydration 

- Smoothing-Swish Technology

- Instant Illumination with lightweight micellar oil complex

- 85% stronger hair

Shop: Luminizer

All Blonde:

All Blonde

Elevate your blonde: All rise! Need to reignite your Blonde before your next salon visit? The Fudge 'All Blonde Colour Lock' Shampoo and Conditioner is your new must-have combination for boosting natural, honey, white and ashy tones to the next level. Revitalise your blonde with the Fudge Colour Boost Shampoo, enabling the lemon extract to subtly brighten the colour whilst supporting the hair’s natural shine wash after wash.

- Lemon extract to protect and brighten the hair

- 'All Blonde' will boost all shades of blonde

- Restore and revitalise hair after only 1 wash

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