All Things: INDOLA

All Things: INDOLA


1. Blonde Expert

- Integrated Hair-Bond Technology to significantly minimise hair breakage 

- Neutralises unpleasant yellow or golden tones

- Tones lightened and lifted bases

- Suitable also for natural blonde bases

- Intermixable with Special Blonde shades for endless variation possibilities


2. PCC Natural and Essential

Inspired by natural, earthy cool tones, the Cool Hues Collection introduces a palette of cool brunette shades with a twist, to perfectly underline the dimension of the hair.

They are fashionable and trendy shades that complement many skin tones, thus making them super commercial, as proven by the high demand in salons world wide. 

The Cool Hues complement Indola's extensive palette of cool shades, which are suitable for a wide range of natural bases.

- Up to 70% white hair coverage

- Delivers neutralisation

- Compatible with Color Transformer


3. Colour Blaster

Wash-out toning, caring conditioners to colour & conditioner in one simple step with the colour blaster favourites from Indola.


- Semi-permanent dyes providing vibrant colour results up to 10 washes*

- Helps smoothen the hair structure for perfect condition and shine, more suppleness and a better combability 

- Advanced formulas free from silicones, parabens and mineral oils

- All formulas are vegan 

 -Packaging bottle is made of 50% recycled material

*The lastingness always depends on hair condition, colour base, the quantity of used product and processing time