Lisap Lisaplex Professional Kit (3 x 475ml)



Lisaplex™ is a revolutionary protective treatment, the product of innovative Italian research that, in a single kit, protects both the interior and exterior of the hair structure as well as reconstructing the internal bonds in treated and damaged hair, and hair that has been weakened by aggressive services.

Kit Contains:

Lisaplex Bond Saver (1 x 475ml)
Shielding fluid. It preserves the integrity of the lamellar structures of the hair and restructures and reconstructs the damaged keratin complex.

Lisaplex Hair Structure Filler (2 x 475ml)
Fluid cream. It recreates the optimum cosmetic condition and reconstructs a natural filler-protective film-forming layer, nourishing and hydrating the hair.

x1 Dosing Dispenser 

x3 Pasteur Dispensers

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