BaByliss PRO V-Blade Trimmer



One look at the BaByliss Pro V-Blade Trimmer tells you that it's a stylish professional tool with the versatility to get the job done. The smart black casingis complemented by a central silver panel with easy-grip indentations on it for perfect control.

The long-life, high-power motor performs superbly in all conditions and gives you 75 mins of cutting from a full charge with a 45-min quick charge feature. You can also use it on the cord if you run out charge mid-trim.

However, where the V-Blade Trimmer really scores is in its unique V-shaped blades made from hardened Japanese steel. The acute V angle means the blades make short work of pretty much any hair type, slicing their way through smoothly and effortlessly, while the steel's hardness ensures that they retain their edge and keep cutting effectively for longer.

Each V-Blade Trimmer comes supplied with 2 blades (see picture) giving it superb versatility. One T-blade with a 40-mm cutting width and one standard blade with a 30-mm cutting width.

As well as the blades, the trimmer comes with its charging stand, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush and 2 trimmer combs (6 mm and 10 mm).

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