Our Top Hair Extension Care Tips

Our Top Hair Extension Care Tips

Hair Extension Care - Top Tips

Hair Extension care is something that goes overlooked by a large percentage of people when considering whether to commit to new luscious locks. Would you be happy to commit to hair extensions that only stay looking good for a month or so? - I thought not! Taking care of your new extensions is extremely important in keeping them looking healthy, shiny and maintained. Taking care of your extensions requires more knowledge than remembering to wash them. So before you decide to shell out serious ££ thinking that it's all it takes to have gorgeous hair then you may want to take a peek at our top tips and top products for keeping your extensions in top condition! Thank us later...


Wet Brush Hair Extension Looper BrushBrushing your extensions should be something you do regularly with great care and the help of the right tools. The most common misconception with Hair extensions is that you can use any old paddle brush for detangling and brushing out knots. WRONG! Brushes designed specifically for detangling like the Wet Brush Epic Professional Extension Brush are ideal when it comes to caring for your extensions. It's looped bristles are designed to not catch on extension clips or bonds and cause snagging and breakage to the hair.

For finishing, you should use Soft bristle brushes such as the Balmain Soft Bristle Hair Extension Brush as they are designed to glide through the hair easily without pulling or damaging the bonds of the extensions. A soft bristle brush allows for smoothing and creating shine while you style the length of your hair extensions with your hair dryer, straightener or curling tong.

With regards to technique, all it requires is patience and care. Start with the bottom lengths of the hair, detangling that area first before you start on the upper lengths. Be sure to be gentle with your brushing, as pulling on the lengths of the hair can cause heavy breakage, turning your luscious locks into dull frizzy strings of hair.


Hair Extension Care Shampoo Clip-in extensions definitely don't get as dirty as your natural hair does as there is no natural oil reaching the hair from your scalp; however don't take this as an excuse to wash them as little as possible. Washing is an extremely important factor when it comes to hair extension maintenance. Hair extensions are made up of very delicate hair that doesn’t receive the same natural oils and nutrients your own hair does; therefore you should definitely consider what shampoo you are using on your extensions! Consider shampoo’s such as the X-10 Hair Extension Shampoo or the Balmain Hair Extension Shampoo are formulated to smooth and detangle. Sulphate free shampoos such as the Zen Luxury Hair Extension Shampoo are recommended for bonded hair extensions as Sulphate often damages and corrodes the bonds. 


Hair Extension Care Conditioner TreatmentLeave-in conditioners are perfect for use in your hair extension maintenance routine. Try the X-10 Leave-in Treatment or the Balmain Detangling Spray; designed to reduce tangling and static, protect the hairs colour and provide the hair with instant conditioning, plus they smell gorgeous… bonus! Spray it onto your damp extensions and work it down the hair whilst detangling using a extension brush. A leave-in treatment is definitely enough when it comes to conditioner! You can actually be at risk of over-conditioning if you use hair masks and numerous conditioning treatments which will lead your hair to look dull, lifeless and actually cause them to get dirty again faster.


It will always be best to let your hair extensions dry naturally when possible. Easier said than done when it comes to permanent extensions for sure, however setting aside half an hour extra to allow your hair to dry naturally would prove beneficial to ensuring your hair extensions stay luscious for longer. Excessive heat is detrimental on hair extensions, so using it sparingly or giving your hair a break is recommended.

In cases where you can’t avoid having to blow dry your hair, make sure to always use a low-heat setting to dry the bonds and surrounding hair, then style and dry the rest of your hair as usual.



You should always tread carefully around your bonded extensions and ensure you take great care to not irritate the bonds. Your hair will quite literally start going down the drain the moment your bonds are overstressed or damaged! In order to keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible, you should make sure to treat them with care not just when it comes to blow drying – but styling also. Simply NEVER clamp your straighteners over the bond, unless you want very sticky hair and straighteners!


Clip-in extensions need to be stored with love and care when they’re not in your hair. If you’re anything like me… you’ll take them out of an evening and chuck them on your dressing table ready for the next day. But if you think about it, that’s causing them to gather so much dust and dirt particles overnight and therefore allowing them to become dirtier and harder to manage. Wash, Condition, Detangle and Dry your extensions first then place them in an air tight container or extension storage bag until you wish to use them again. Leaving your extensions out can cause them to become discoloured and knotty.


In cases where your extensions can’t be removed before you rest your head for the night or plan on sweating it out at the gym, it’s best to tie them up in a ponytail or put them into a plait.

Overall, as long as you’re caring for your extensions, they will care for you! They’re not as hard to look after as this post may make it seem – it’s just a case of minor lifestyle changes to accommodate your luscious locks for as long as possible.