Men's Edition: Men's Must-Haves

Men's Edition: Men's Must-Haves

It's the blog you have all been waiting for!

This blog is dedicated to the tools of the trade for barbers and at home male grooming. We'll cover all things barber related, from the tools required to accomplish the styles desired, to the essential products needed to create such style in the first instance.

Let's hop to it:

1. Wahl Pro Cordless Legend Clipper

Wahl Cordless Legend

We're so stoked to stock the most talked about clipper in the barber community and it's now LIVE at Ultimate. 

Introducing the Wahl Pro Cordless Legend, known for its extended wide range fading wedge blade, it will provide you with a better fade and blending range every time. The Wedge Blade offers improved accuracy when cutting and as a result, allows you to achieve a cleaner and more precise cut.

The legend has also been designed with 'Crunch Blade technology' and unique cutting angles, which will enable every barber to create blunter cuts, as well as seamless blended clipping. With greater variation in cutting lengths between 0.7 and 1.7mm without added guide combs. Easily adjust the taper and texture without changing blades by using the convenient thumb adjustable lever.

Now that the Legend is cordless, you will also benefit from 100 minutes cordless run time from a single 60-minute charge - Amazing, right?!

Shop: Wahl Pro Cordless Legend 

2. Fudge Matte Hed Extra

 Fudge Men

So, what's better than the Fudge Matte Hed? The Fudge Matte Hed Extra, of course!

Providing your hair with real edge, the Fudge Matte Hed Extra styling wax delivers the ultimate texture for a raw natural look, every single time. 

Matte Hed Extra offers a much stronger hold that lasts longer and is significantly drier in consistency than the original Matte.

Ready to take your styling to the next level?

Shop: Fudge Matte Hed Extra

3. American Crew Pomade

 American Crew Pomade

What's better than one pomade? Two! 

The pomade duo from the experts at American Crew are rated highly by barbers worldwide and recommended by many. 

Providing excellent hold while remaining pliable, the pomade is built for the slicked-back, high gloss styles. Controls strong hair lines and curly, frizzy hair.

It's also ideal for creating textured looks for your locks, too.

Directions of use: Rub between hands and apply through the hair. Comb or brush into place.

Shop: American Crew Pomade

 4. The Wahl Collection

 Wahl Clippers Trimmers

From the balding clipper to the super taper clipper, Wahl most certainly have a clipper/trimmer for every eventuality, with each clipper/trimmer providing varied results for different styles. 

Not sure which clipper/trimmer is for you?

Check out the link below to each product page, where you can delve deeper into the finer details.

Shop: Wahl

 5. American Crew Beard Care

 American Crew Trio

Beard care: We care!

Introducing the trio from American Crew, an essential array of beard care products designed and crafted to leave your beard tamed and visibly nourished. 

The American Crew Beard Balm is a gentle balm, that controls and tames the beard to give it a well groomed, refined and polished look. 

Prep, prime and prolong your beard with the trio of products from American Crew - They are every barber's go-to for a reason!

Shop: American Crew Beard Care

6. Wahl Barber Hair Dryer

Wahl Barber Dryer

 In need of a barber dryer that's built to last? 

The Wahl 5 Star Barber Dryer offers a new rapid drying 2200w speed, with concentrated air flow that enhances your drying speed with a tourmaline grille.

Unlike most standard hairdryers which are designed for longer hair, the barber hair dryer is ideal for short-medium hair, providing exceptional drying results with rapid speed.

The Wahl Barber Hairdryer features a stylish, retro chrome design that feels and looks worthy of it's 5 star status. 

Wahl 5 Star Barber Dryer features:

- Concentrated airflow
- Ionic function
- 3 heat settings
- 2 speed settings
- Cool shot button
- 2 x nozzle attachments
- Stylish chrome finish

Shop: Wahl Barber Dryer