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Brushing your hair, everyone does it! But with all the different kinds of brushes with a variety of shapes and styles, each hairbrush serves a purpose for specific types of hair and styles.


Paddle brushes are large, flat and wide with air-filled cushions and plastic bristles to mould to the shape of your head.

Ideal for DETANGLING thick hair - they help remove any tangles or knots giving you a tangle-free finish. For best results, start from the bottom and work up to the root!

Perfect for SMOOTHING - blowdry your hair until its 90% dry then use your hairdryers nozzle and paddle brush to smooth our your hair. 

Ideal for: Curly, thick, unruly hair.


If you're looking for big curls but don't want to use a curling tong, then round ceramic brushes are the one for you!

The dream tool when it comes to styling, especially for blow-drying.

Creating VOLUME, BOUNCE and BODY whilst drying your hair, the vents mean air from your dryer will circulate through the whole of your brush onto your hair. 

The smaller the brush, the tighter the curl!


Vent brushes allow air from the hairdryer to pass straight through the brush and speeds up the blow drying time. QUICK DRYING for wet hair, the widely spaced bristle also allow QUICK DETANGLING!



Teased hair is a really big popular trend at the moment! If BIG, VOLUMINOUS hair is what you're looking for, investing in a teasing brush will be the one for you! Teasing brushes grab onto strands of hair to BOOST your hairs VOLUME and TEXTURE. With SECTIONING TOOLS on the handle, this 2 IN 1 tool allows you to tease and section your hair all in 1! 



Either round or oval, boar bristle brushes are popular for giving you hair optimal shine. With a mix of nylon and boar bristles, these brushes are known for great DETANGLING and CONDITIONING as it helps distribute oils more evenly through the hair. These SUPER GENTLE brushes cause less friction on the hair, to LIMIT HAIR DAMAGE.


Detangle brushes are designed specifically to untangle any knots and tangles in your hair. 


The Sibel D-Méli-Mélo has 3 different lengths of pins to gently detangle without breaking the hair fiber. Handy to use for wet or dry hair! Available in different ranges / styles! 

STR Detangle and Shine Brush is made with flexible and soft Skillflex bristles to detangle wet or dry hair and massage the scalp. The zig-zag pins are designed to effortless work through tangled hair without breaking or damaging it. 

Best for thick, wavy, curly hair! 


The #1 BEST SELLING revolutionary hair brush brand. Say goodbye to tangles and say hello to knot free, smooth hair! The range of Intelliflex, Heatflex and Omniflex bristles means your hair glides through providing you with that silky, knot free finish! With a variety of different ranges, from Disney, to Deluxe, to Go Green, to Pro Flex, there's guaranteed to be a hairbrush for your needs! 


From Go Green ... 

To Pro Detangle ... 

To Wet Brush EPIC ... 

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