Ways to wear: Glitter!

Ways to wear: Glitter!
Ways to wear Glitter
Festival season is finally about to start this weekend and we're so excited. It's the one season of the year where embellished hair, boho-braids, wacky face paint and hippie fashion is a go! But the one trend that blew up last year that is set to be even bigger this year is, of course; GLITTER! It's become a staple in Festival beauty.


Much like Marmite; you either love it or hate it. But here at Ultimate we love it and would literally come to work in it over the summer seasons if we could (which we have on a couple of occasions to be completely honest!). No one ever said it's practical - but it's pretty magical right?


We've broken down some of the looks you might want to rock this Festival season... from glitter roots to glitter bums, these reflective fragments will be out in full force!

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Glitter Highlight


Glitter Highlight

If you're anything like us, you'll love being as glowy as possible with your favorite highlighter! Why not take it to the next level and join in the glitter trend at the same time by dabbing some along your cheekbones - it looks so majestic while being one of the more subtle ways to wear glitter. We recommend the Karizma Iridescent Glitter for this look as it will create the most blinding highlight of course ;)


Glitter roots


Glitter Roots

We know full well that this look is a complete nightmare to clean up! One week later and you're still finding particles of glitter falling out of your hair after 4 washes - but that definitely isn't stopping the trend from gaining momentum! It just looks so pretty and if you use any hair gel to act as your glue it simply washes out! For the look pictured, try the Karizma Mermaid Dreams Glitter.


Glitter Bums


Glitter Bums

Well this is a new one!? The trend that is set to blow up this year is apparently covering your peach with glitter and sometimes even going the step further to add jeweled embellishments. Whilst most will be keeping it modest with a pair of short shorts and coating the top of their thighs; some will be sporting this trend in bikini bottoms to cover their full tush in eyecatching embellishments! Suns out buns out right?


Under eye glitter


Under eye Glitter

It's the morning after a heavy late night jumping up and down to your favourite act till the early hours... imagine the struggle trying to hide those bags! Luckily there's a simple solution to this - Glitter of course. Cover those dark circles with sparkles to brighten up your complexion and hide the effects of a few too many bev's the night before ;). Genius right? Try the Karizma Icon Chunky Glitter for this look!


Body glitter


Body Glitter

We've already established that glitter bums are now a thing - however the upper body seems to be a more popular option for most people! Sparkling up your shoulders, neck, arms and chest just looks so majestic and a lot less intrusive than polishing your peach. For your body you'll need a larger size pot to ensure you don't run out. So why not get your hands on the Large Karizma Body glitters in Unicorn or Silver Holographic!


Glitter Brows



Glitter Brows

If you're not one for smothering yourself in glitter but still want to be on trend, why not try something much more subtle; glitter brows. Simply coat your brows in a fine shimmer for a really effective look, plus it's super cute. To complete the look why not dab a tiny pinch of shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop!



Shop our full range of glitters HERE <3

Stay magical, Ultimate xo


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