Eyelash Emporium EXTRAVAGANZA!

Eyelash Emporium EXTRAVAGANZA!

Lashes everyone loves them! 

The beauty industry has it all when it comes to lashes. From strip lashes to individuals to growth serums to curlers, your lashes will be transformed instantly.

From individuals, to strips to lash care and accessories, THE EYELASH EMPORIUM have it all! And whats more, for the whole of OCTOBER when you BUY 2 packs of lashes, strips or individuals, you get 1 COMPLETELY FREE! 



Whether you're looking for full glam for a night out or just simply a more natural everyday look, the EYELASH EMPORIUM strip lashes can save you! EYELASH EMPORIUM'S STUDIO STRIP LASHES are perfect for any occasion. More common for home use, strip lashes are a quick way to add in lots of lashes at one time for a relatively lower price. Once they're applied, some people often like to add a couple of coats of mascara to blend the natural lash into the false lash. 


 Long Lasting with 20 wears per pair!

 Faux Mink - No testing on animals!

 10 different styles for you to chose from!


Individual Lashes

Professionally applied, individual lashes are perfect for your low-maintenance make up routine. They make getting ready SO much quicker and easier without the hassle of mascara. Lash extensions are semi-permanent fibers which attach to your natural eyelashes to create longer, fuller and darker lashes. Individual lashes allow you to have complete control of how thick or thin your lash line is. They are unique to your individual style!

Get the perfect lash curl for you! 


Available in both Mixed and Individual lengths, Eyelash Emporium's individual lashes are perfect for everyone! With different thickness from 0.06mm - 0.25 mm their Mink and PBT lashes ensure the lash holds its curl and stays supple and shiny. 


For individual eyelash extensions!

Map your eyelash extensions to create the perfect shape for your client. It helps create symmetrical lashes with both eyes.



See you next week! 



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