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  • Neutral tone, this colour works with almost every skin tone.
  • It has no obvious overtones of pink or sallow skin, but reveals the skins natural colour.
NUDEcrylics Cover Powder
  • Cover powders designed to mask imperfections, giving the nail tech the power to transform regular nails into flawless enhancement and giving the illusion of sleek and slender nails.
  • Great for nail biters and for elongating nail beds.
  • Choose from three options to suit the skin type of your client.
  • Finely milled for minimal filing and a superior opaque coverage.
What We Do
  • Use over nail forms to sculpt, apply over tips or natural nails.
  • You can apply one shade over the whole nail for a natural polished look or use with other colours to create beautiful French or reverse French looks.
  • Nudecrylics can be used with Ultra Clear Liquid for a medium to fast set.
  • OR Revolution Liquid for a slow to medium set.
  • Extra Strength Primer is recommended for this system.
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